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The City of Phoenix has committed to helping protect the environment.  Recycling is as important today as ever before!

More than half of what we throw away can be recycled. Recycling helps conserve landfill space, preserve natural resources and control rising waste disposal costs. Homeowners that receive city garbage collection can participate in the citywide "Phoenix Recycles" program. Each home can have two storage containers - one black or green container for bagged and tied garbage and the other, a blue container, for recycling (to request additional containers, contact Solid Waste Customer Service at 602-262-7251. Blue recycling containers are collected each week. If you are new to your home, please consult the literature delivered with your container for the correct day of collection for your home, or watch when your neighbors place their containers out or call Solid Waste Customer Service at 602-262-7251 to verify your service day.



Cardboard, Food Boxes, Junk Mail,Wet Strength, Paper Board, Newspaper, Magazines, Phone Books, Juice Boxes
Shredded Paper (Must be placed in Clear Plastic Bags)
Not recyclable:  photographs, hardback or paperback books, blueprints, heat sensitive receipt paper
All hard plastic containers, including buckets, plastic jugs and bottles with or without caps
Not recyclable:  Plastic bags (you can take them to your local grocery store as part of the Bag Central Station program) and Plastic Pipe
Glass Bottles and Jars, Food Grade Glass Containers
 Not recycleable:  window panes, mirrors, light blubs, windshields, car windows, treated glass, glass table tops, televisions (for TV’s contact Westech Recyclers at 602-256-7626)
Aluminum Cans, Metal Cans, Small Metal Appliances, Empty Aerosol Cans
No paint, pesticides, oven cleaners
For large metal appliances, computers or appliances with glass windows, check out the City of Phoenix Appliance Electronics collection or contact Westech Recyclers.
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